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Bosch AdvancedHedgeCut 36V-65-28 65cm Hedge Cutter -Battery & Charger Included

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Bosch AdvancedHedgeCut 36V-65-28 65cm Hedge Cutter -Battery & Charger Included
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High-powered cordless hedgecutter for thicker hedges.
Brushless motor delivers high performance for heavier-duty cutting.
Effortless handling thanks to lightweight, ergonomic design.
Bosch-patented Anti-Blocking System avoids jamming for continuous cutting.
Cutting speed equivalent to corded tool performance.
Impressive cutting of 28-mm thick branches such as hawthorn and berberis hedging.
Syneon Technology for optimum power or maximum endurance as required.
36V POWER FOR ALL – The battery for all Bosch 36V Home & Garden tools.
The cordless AdvancedHedgeCut 36V-65-28 tackles dense hedges and bushes with ease. The brushless motor combines powerful performance with maximum efficiency, while less motor heat enables longer service life.
As it’s light to handle, this tool puts less strain on gardeners’ backs, shoulders, and wrists. Swiss-made blades apply precise cuts, while the Bosch-patented Anti-Blocking System avoids potential jamming, ensuring continuous cutting and less downtime.
This is the all-rounder for cutting all hedges, including hawthorn, berberis, or blackthorn hedges, and for branches up to 28 mm.
The tool belongs to the 36V POWER FOR ALL system. One battery can be used in all 36V POWER FOR ALL tools.
Multi- position handle for added convenience.
Blade-tip protector for safe trimming close to walls.
Ideal for large hedge trimming.
Powerful trimming performance.
Suitable for dense hedge types.
Lightweight and powerful.
Accomplish tough tasks thanks to 36V POWER FOR ALL: the battery for all tools within the Power Line 36V. Enjoy cordless freedom outdoors with maximum power and performance.
Syneon Technology: Runs longer
The Syneon Technology constantly analyses the power requirement and draws just as much energy from the battery as needed, for optimum power during high-powered tasks and maximum endurance during less intense jobs.
Superior performance and longer lifetime: The brushless motor combines a longer lifetime with high power, while its compactness makes tools lightweight and easy to handle.
Clear view of battery status even during work: Ensuring there is always enough charge left for the task at hand has become easy: the battery level indicator conveniently shows the battery´s status at a glance.
Precision cutting with sharp blades: Blades are high quality and made in Switzerland, delivering long-lasting service and top hedge-cutting performance. Even on branches up to 28-mm thick, trimming is precise and clean.
Uninterrupted cutting performance: With the Bosch-patented Anti-Blocking System, there’s no downtime even with thicker branches. Potential jamming is dealt with by this special cutting function, ensuring continuous performance and faster job completion.
Powerful Sawing Function: Powerful Sawing Functions allows cutting of branches bigger than the tooth spacing- for versatility and uninterrupted hedge-trimming.
Multi-position cutting with new handle design: An ergonomic handle enables easy tool mobility with less strain on wrists and arms during long cutting jobs. A trigger covers the entire inner side of the handle and requires less effort when powering up the tool.
Lightweight and well-balanced: Lightweight, compact design for easy handling and control.
Ergonomic design for prolonged trimming & comfortable work.
Superior grip for comfort and control: The softgrip zone provides comfortable tool handling and superior control, a useful feature in applications requiring extensive tool operation.

Supplied With:

  • 1 Battery pack 36V/2.0Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Blade cover
  • Charger AL 36V-20
  • Cardboard box


Battery voltage:

36.0 V
Works with battery capacity:2 Ah
Battery charge time:1 h
Battery charge time:60 min
Max. sqm per battery charge:260 sqm
Battery run time:up to 50 mins
Blade length:65 cm
Tooth opening:30 mm
No-load stroke rate:3.200 spm
Weight:3.5 kg
Battery recommendation:>= 1.5 Ah

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