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Makita Redemption Promo

Makita UK are delighted to be able to offer a product and battery redemption scheme

In order to claim your redemption product you will need to have your invoice/receipt, additional information from your product packaging and the product serial number from the machine. Customers will have to claim within 28-days of purchase

RT & RTX Models

Buy a qualifying 18V cordless Garden Machinery Product: DUB182RT, DUB183RT, DUB184RT, DUC254RT, DUM604RTX, DUH502RT, DUH601RT, DUH751RT, DUH523RT, DUR181RT, DUR188LRT or DUR189RT and register at to receive a FREE 5.0Ah battery OR a DUB182Z Cordless Blower

PG2 Models

Buy a qualifying Twin 18V (36V) cordless Garden Machinery product: DUB361PG2, DUB362PG2, DUC256PG2, DUC306PG2, DUC305PG2, DUC353PG2, DUC355PG2, DUC405PG2, DUH551PG2, DUH651PG2, DLM380PG2, DLM431PG2, DLM460PG2, DUR364LPG2 or DUR368APG2 and register at to receive 2x 5Ah battery, DUB184 Blower or DMR107 Job Site Radio


  • Delivery of any promotional product offered free of charge as part of this offer is only applicable for delivery within the UK (please ensure that a valid UK postal address in included for any claim application.)
  • Applications for redemption products to be delivered outside of the UK cannot be accepted as part of this offer.
  • This offer is open to consumers aged over 18, who make a qualifying purchase.
  • Redemption claims can only be made by Trade or Retail Consumer Customers to qualify for this offer (claims submitted via Makita Distributors or stockists will not qualify for free of charge redemption products.)
  • Only listed models with “RT”, “RTX” and “PG2” suffix will qualify for the redemption offer, complete models only.
  • Body only models with “Z” and “DZ” suffix are not applicable and do not qualify for redemption claims.
  • Dealer and distribution made in-house kits are not applicable and do not qualify for redemption claims.
  • Claims must be made via the redemptions website within 28-days of purchase:
  • Purchases must be made between 1st February - 31st May 2020. Claims may be made up 28 days after the close of redemption scheme. (28th June 2020)
  • Following verification and validation of their claim, Eligible Customers will receive their free product after 30 days
  • Consumers will need to provide proof of purchase and additional supporting information from the product / packaging when registering a claim