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Bosch Garden Pump 18V-2000 18V Faster Garden Watering From a Rainwater Tank (1x2.5ah)

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Bosch Garden Pump 18V-2000 18V Faster Garden Watering From a Rainwater Tank (1x2.5ah)

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Suitable for a wide range of open-top rainwater tanks and those covered with safety lids.
Wall and tank attachments included for a range of rainwater tank locations.
Timer function with three settings for use with sprinklers and irrigation systems.
Powerful operation up to 25 metres, ideal for most gardens.
Strong flow and spray projection for hard-to-reach plants and light cleaning tasks.
Natural garden care with rainwater – sustainable, easy, and quick for more enjoyable work
Good for the environment and better for plants – the cordless GardenPump 18 works easily with all styles of garden rainwater tanks and provides faster and more effective watering around the garden.
Start by setting up the Battery Control Unit, which can be conveniently hooked right onto the tank or attached to the wall.
Then simply submerge the Rainwater Pump in the tank. Next, attach a garden hose, up to 25 m long, and spray gun.
This Rainwater Pump is perfect for natural and more enjoyable watering of flower beds and fruit and vegetables, or pots and planters.
For perfectly green lawns, use this tool's timer function and anti-siphoning connector with sprinkler and irrigation systems.
The tool belongs to the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. One battery can operate a large variety of tools from different brands.
Keeping lawns lush and healthy.
Empty paddling pools easily.
Water Flowers and Planters.
Ideal for lighter cleaning/rinsing tasks.
Water fruit trees and vegetable crops.
Rinse/clean ornaments around the garden.
POWER FOR ALL cordless systems from Bosch: Whether drilling, cleaning or gardening. Switch quickly and easily between different devices with the 18 V POWER FOR ALL battery from Bosch. For even more flexibility the battery fits also in tools of other POWER FOR ALL battery alliance partner.
Security lock: This security feature on the wall attachment allows the pump to be permanently installed in allotments or in holiday homes where theft could be a concern. The included screw and locking guide make securing your tool convenient.
Prevent accidental tank draining: Say goodbye to accidental draining of the tank– the anti-siphon connector automatically introduces air into the outlet pipe when the pump stops, cancelling any siphon effect and in turns prevents tank draining.
Suitable for larger tanks: The 2.5-m cable and the 2.5m hose make the Rainwater Pump suitable for larger tanks up to 1.8 m deep. Simply lower the Rainwater Pump into the tank, ensuring that it is above any sediment on the bottom of the tank.
Detachable cable for easy installation for closed lid tanks: To ensure the safety lid can remain in place during use, simply disconnect the cable from the Rainwater Pump to the Battery Control Unit and pass it through a tank access hole.
Battery Control Unit, with timer function: The timer function button with three alternative watering durations is ideal for use with a lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems.
Flexibility for the control unit position: The GardenPump 18V-2000 is supplied with two options of fixings, a wall attachment and a tank attachment depending on type of tank and tank location.
Continuous flow: The fine mesh filter protects the pump from sediment damage whilst the large side surface area maximises flow to the pump.

Supplied With:

  • Battery pack 18V 2.5Ah
  • Battery Control Unit
  • Rainwater Pump
  • Connecting Hose 2.5 m
  • Hose Guide
  • Tank Attachment
  • Wall Attachment
  • Charger AL 1810 CV


Battery voltage:

18 V
Battery compatibility:18V POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE
Battery recommendation:>= 2.0 Ah
Battery capacity:2.5 Ah
Charging time, max.:120 min
Run time, max.:30 min
Flow rate, max.:2000 l/h
Connecting hose length:2.5 m
Timer function:yes
Max. tank depth:1,80 m
Tool dimensions (L x W x H):130 x 110 x 200 mm
Weight:2,2 kg

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