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Bosch Free Withings Activity Tracker

Bosch Bonus Bang Bonanza

Get Withings Activity Tracker Watch*, delivered directly to you, when you buy selected Bosch professional power tools. 

We have offers on 5 professional power tools with Withings Activity Tracker Watch. 

Once you’ve purchased one of the tools on offer, it’s easy to collect your cash. These 3 simple steps should take less than a few minutes on your Smartphone

1. Download the FREE Bosch Toolbox App via Google Play Store or iTunes app store

2. Create a simple profile

3. When prompted by the App, take a photo of your purchase receipt on your smartphone and email it via the App (note: your receipt must be for one of the products specified in this booklet, dated within the promotion period of 1.06.2017 to 31.12.2017)

There are no products matching the selection.